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FivePD API is available as a NuGet package. You can easily download and keep your addons up-to-date with the NuGet package manager.

Easy to Use

There are plenty of great tutorials made by the community. You can find coding tutorials on YouTube, and ready-to-use, open-source callouts/plugins on GitHub.

Need help?

Join our FivePD API Development Support Discord server by clicking here.

Making your own callout

Creating your callout is simple!
That's all you need to create your very own, custom callout!

[CalloutProperties("Your own callout", "Your name", "v1.0")]
public class MyCallout : FivePD.API.Callout
public MyCallout()
Vector3 location = new Vector3(0, 0, 0);
ShortName = "The name of the callout!";
CalloutDescription = "The description of my callout!";
ResponseCode = 3;
StartDistance = 250.0f;
public override async Task OnAccept()
public override void OnStart(Ped player)
public class Plugin : FivePD.API.Plugin
internal Plugin()
// Constructor must be internal!
Events.OnDutyStatusChange += OnDutyStatusChange;
private async Task OnDutyStatusChange(bool isOnDuty)
if (isOnDuty)
Debug.WriteLine("The player is now on duty");
Debug.WriteLine("The player is now off duty");

Making your own plugin

Creating your own plugin is not hard either!